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Like any community, ours thrives when we all share our time and talents. Serving is also a great way to make new friends. In addition to the service opportunities listed below, we also encourage you to check out our Liturgical Ministries, and Faith Formation opportunities. We can't wait to get to know you better!

  • Card-Making Ministry

    We meet once every month to create hand-made greeting cards for the parish staff to send to members as needed. Examples include sympathy cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, and more. Bring your card-making supplies, or use ours! In addition to spreading the love of Christ to those who receive our cards, this ministry is also a great way to make new friends and flex your creativity. We meet on the 1st Wednesday of the Month from 1-3 PM; you’re welcome to make cards outside of our meeting times as well. Contact Mary Ellen McMillan at 908-902-4756 or Molly Lecheler at 408-768-2919 for more information.

  • Finance Council

    The Finance Council advises our pastor in the prudent planning and administering of all Parish financial matters. This includes the setting of policy and procedure to provide effective management of parish assets and preparing the budget. We meet once per month, plus provide assistance as needed. Contact Lisa Walker at 720-419-0123 for more information.  

  • Money Counters

    Money Counters aid in counting the weekend collection. Counters will be trained to respectfully maintain the integrity of Pax Christi and the trust of donors and serve once or twice a month for 1.5 - 2 hours. Contact Lisa Walker at 720-419-0123 for more information.  

  • Nursery Workers

    Nursery Workers watch children under the age of three during Masses and other parish events. A paid position, this job provides dependable, safe, secure, and nurturing care to the children while at our Church, ages 0-4 years in a safe, fun and clean environment. Contact Lisa Walker at 720-419-0123 for more information.  

  • Office Volunteers

    Office Volunteers provide office support to our Pax Christi Staff. Staff often relies on parishioner volunteers to help support our parish ministries and events. Many of these tasks must be completed in the office like answering phones and greeting visitors at the front desk. Occasionally there is work that can be done from your home. Volunteers will be called as needed and training will be provided. Scheduling is flexible and can accommodate your schedule. Contact Jan Morgan at 303-799-1036 for more information or to volunteer

  • Parish Council

    The Parish Council serves as an advisory group to the pastor, ensuring the needs and interests of the community are addressed, and assisting him in setting direction for the parish. Individual council members also serve as liaisons for the various parish ministries to the overall council to ensure that any concerns or potential assistance they may need can be addressed. Council members meet monthly and provide assistance as needed. Click here to learn more.

  • Pax Christi Holy Grounds Ministry

    The Pax Holy Grounds Ministry participates in ongoing cleanup activities around the parish and rectory. Projects may include spring and fall cleanup, weeding, pruning bushes, planting pots, mulching, and other duties as needed. Members will need to bring their own equipment and dispose of any debris in the parish's dumpster as needed. Contact Jeanne Falletta at 303-694-9319 for more information or to volunteer. 

  • Wedding Coordination Team

    Wedding Coordinators ​ensure wedding ceremonies are well-planned and run smoothly. They assist the couple in planning their ceremony, ​run the wedding rehearsal, and attend to the ​needs of the couple and the rest of the wedding party the day of the event. Includes set-up ​and clean-up ​of dressing rooms, chapel/sanctuary, etc. Also includes coordinating with musicians, A/V (if needed), sacristans, etc. Contact Linda Van Matre at 720-419-0131 for more information or to join the team!

Do you have an idea for a ministry that isn't listed on our website? We welcome new leaders any time! If you would like to start a new ministry here at Pax, please fill out the New Ministry Request Form here. Our Parish Council and Pastor will review requests on a first come, first served basis, and the approval process usually takes about one month, depending on meeting dates and the team's availability. Thanks for your interest!