Haiti Pax Christi

Haiti Pax Christi was formed following the devastating Earthquake of 2010 to provide help and relief to the people impacted in Haiti. We continue to provide support to the Haiti people with our annual Lenten Cup Campaign. Additionally, we coordinate Student Sponsorships and support ongoing projects via our General Haiti Fund.

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As it is written, 

“He scatters abroad, he gives to the poor; his righteousness endures forever.”

1 Corinthians 9:9

Contact Kanna McGuire at 303-229-7040 to join us in our mission, and keep scrolling to learn more! 

Lenten Cup Collection

Each year we collect donations during our Lenten Cup Project. Your spare change and other generous donations allow us to partner collaboratively with From Here to Haiti, a non-profit organization dedicated to continuing repairs of Catholic Churches and schools.

This year’s Lenten Cup Campaign will benefit St. Joseph the Worker in Riviere Salee, and helping Fr. Louis Merosne build schools for Haitian students. (see photo on right and more images below).

To donate, simply pick up a Haiti Envelope or Cup after Mass during Lent. Prayerfully discern what you can give, or collect your spare change. Then return them to the parish when Easter arrives! Envelopes can be placed into the offertory baskets during the collection. If writing a check, please write "Haiti Pax Christi" in the memo section. You can also donate online While our main fundraising effort takes place during Lent, you can also contribute throughout the year to support ongoing projects.

Your Support has made projects like these possible

  • A new roof for St. Gregory in Mendes
  • A new roof for St. John Baptise in Pascal
  • A new parish for St. Michael the Archangel in Pigny
  • A new chapel for the community of Joly
  • A new roof for St. Joseph’s Church in L’Aisle
  • A new parish for the parishioners in Cocoye du Chene

...and a lot more!


Student Sponsorships

Following the first Mission Trip to Anse au Veau, Haiti in 2010, a student sponsorship program was initiated for some of the poorest of the poor so they could receive an education at St. Joseph’s School, a Salesian Sisters elementary school in that community. These children would otherwise have no opportunity for an education.

Since that time, many fortunate children have been supported through their elementary years because of the faithful & generous parishioners at Pax Christi. Sister Marie Charitable has led St. Joseph’s School for a number of years and is beyond grateful for all the students being sponsored. There is always a need for more student sponsorships.

Your sponsorship of $200 a year provides a student with books, tuition, a uniform, and one meal a day. This is often the only meal these children will receive. The school year begins in September; sponsorships received will go toward the upcoming school year.

Students we have sponsored through your generosity


Haiti Pax Christi is always in need of volunteers to help pass you the Lenten Cups during Lent and to assist with Student Sponsorships. If you feel the Holy Spirit calling you to become involved in this mission, the duties are light and the rewards are great!