Christ Renews His Parish

Men's Weekend: November 5-6, 2022
women's weekend: January 7-8, 2023

What is “Christ Renews His Parish?”

Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) is a parish renewal process that has existed since 1969 and been recommended by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Pax Christi first hosted CRHP in 2008. CRHP is an experience designed to give both the individual and the parish community an opportunity for renewal and growth in spiritual life. As we grow in awareness of God’s love and respond to His call, we grow together as a parish family. The weekend is:

  • An enriching experience of prayer, scripture, and rethinking priorities.
  • A time to get to know other at Pax Christi and grow as a community.
  • A weekend of reflection and sharing of spiritual and real life issues.
  • An opportunity to say “yes” to a closer and deeper relationship with God.

What happens on the weekend?

The weekend enables you to hear and learn about God through the lives of other Parishioners. It provides an atmosphere for individual spiritual grown through prayer and personal reflection. You can share conversations and thoughts (as much or as little as you desire) with others in the parish who also encounter many of the same demands of everyday life in family, society, and at work. Mass is celebrated on Sunday as part of the retreat.

How does the process work?

The renewal weekend is given for parishioners by parishioners and a parish priest. The weekend can be made as a renewal experience with no further commitments. However, many participants afterwards choose to form a new team and present the next weekend.

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  • The weekend experience is presented by a “team” of previous participants.

  • Every member of Pax Christi Catholic Community of Lone Tree is invited, but anyone over the age of 18 who lives within our Parish boundaries is encouraged to attend. Men and women participate on different weekends. Registration is limited due to space availability.

  • The renewal runs from 8 a.m. on Saturday to about 4 p.m. on Sunday.

  • There will be special celebrations of the Eucharist for those attending.

  • Wear something comfortable and casual. “Sunday best” is not expected.

  • The sleeping accommodations are comfortable. Classrooms are rearranged to provide dormitory-like sleeping areas. Air mattresses are provided and a few cots are available.

  • You will need to bring either a sleeping bag or twin-size bedding, pillow, sleepwear and necessary toiletries. 

  • Hot meals are served. The food is excellent and the portions ample. Parishioners volunteer to serve the meals and are very cordial. There will also be regular breaks for coffee, cold drinks and snacks. Please let us know of any special dietary needs when you register.

  • If you feel called, we accept donations to cover incidentals for the weekend, but there is no fee to attend. Just complete the Registration Form below!

  • Fill out the registration form by clicking on the button below. For more information you can call or email our Invitations Coordinator, Anne Thumann at 303-790-7990.

  • Note your health concerns on the registration form. A renewal coordinator will contact you to see how the team can help work through them so you can attend the weekend. 

  • “My spiritual life had been on hold for a while. CRHP was an excellent jump start for my faith.”

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  • “I was able to focus my time and energy to renewing my faith.”

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  • “The experience was a spirit-filled reflection time to determine where I need to travel next on my faith journey.”

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  • “After the weekend, I no longer felt like a stranger in church on Sunday.”

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  • “I’ve grown in understanding God’s love for me and how the community cares for each other.”

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  • “The weekend was an opportunity to relate with other people of the parish in a faith-filled way.”

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